Elektroefflyuvialnaya chandelier, ionizer, is the negative emitter ions, which can increase the amount of air your home premises air ions.

The design consists of a square base, made of wire of 2 mm, and the grid of wire of 1 mm, in which the nodes are soldered pointed needles from wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm. From the corners to the center of the square are four conductor, soldered together. To this point supplied with high voltage, and through the insulator chandelier suspended to the ceiling.

Elektroefflyuvialnaya chandelier

Thyristor voltage Converter consists of step-down power of the transformer T1 , rectifier VD1, the storage capacitor C1, high voltage transformer T2 and the control node of the thyristor - III winding T1, R2, VD2.

Details. Instead of the thyristor COOL you can apply KUN. Unacceptable the use of triacs (for example, CU). The transformer T1 any small lamp from radiograms (wound independently on the core S, the dial thickness 30 mm: I winding - 2120 turns of wire PEL-0,2; II winding - 2120 turns PEL-0,2; III winding - 66 turns of PEL to 0.2). T2 is a high voltage coil from block electronic ignition chainsaw Tral" or magneto. Can be made of core and high voltage coil from the TV type CNT-35 (Record-66", "The dawn"). The primary winding of a winding wire itself PEL-0.51 in the amount of 200 turns.

Instead of the high-voltage column W-18/0,2 can be applied HEAT. Isolation high-voltage wires to be run only PVC tape. Before the first switching Converter in the gap at point And to connect the lamp on 220 V. If after switching on the lamp lit, reverse the findings of winding III T1. If after that there is a high voltage, but the lamp is at least slightly continues to glow, increase the resistance of the resistor R2.

When aeroionizatora there should be no odor is a sign of the emergence of harmful gases arising from the leakage of high voltage to the body or close positioned parts.

When establishing and operating the inverter must be observed electrical safety.

Author: N. Semakin

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