The human body produces a small electrical pulse and responds on their impact. I. P. Pavlov emphasized that the strong reaction of the body can be caused by a weak stress. This principle is based on electro - the impact on biologically active points of the body (BAP) by the method of acupuncture (Zhen-Chiu therapy, acupuncture). Have any method Zhen-Chiu therapy on the basis empirical data 4-5 thousand years ago (in the stone age) in China [1]. Millennium later this method was systematized and described. But these days classic point Meridian exercises were added hundreds of new out-of-channel points and zones. With the development of technology the ancient acupuncture and moxibustion BAHT supplemented the electro-puncture, laser acupuncture, electroacupuncture, light and magnetic therapy. In its action on the body all ways are seen as a reflex the process, which is based on a complex neurohumoral reaction in response to the irritation of the BAHT.

Soviet scientists in 1964 he developed a unique Autonomous electrostimulator of gastrointestinal tract (electrostimulation). This stimulator was used for elite medical institutions (for which he received the name "the Kremlin tablet") and only in the middle 90-ies appeared in the free market and became available for use everyone.

NPP The digestive tract is structurally executed in the form of capsules h mm. capsule Use in several ways. 1 - swallowing like a pill. In this case, it stimulates all bodies passing through the digestive tract. 2 - sucking mouth. In the language are biologically the active zone of almost all organs of the body. Therefore there is an influence on these bodies when exposed to pulses of the pacemaker. In addition, this method is used for the prevention and treatment of colds, relieve hangover, toothache or headache, stomatitis, parodontosis. 3 - periodic introduction anal or vaginally. Anal the introduction of the pacemaker from 30 minutes to 8 hours (overnight) activates the sexual function of men, normalizes the work prostate, increases the motility of the intestines, and facilitates its clearance from slag and stones. Well this method helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Vaginal the introduction of the pacemaker 20 minutes after 3-4 sessions increases the secretory activity of the vagina, normalizes menstrual cycle and cure frigidity. With daily vaginal administration from 40 minutes to several hours for at least 2 weeks treated gynecological diseases (tumors, vaginitis, erosion, inflammation of the appendages).

Since the effect of electrical stimulation on the cavity of humans is still poorly understood, it is possible to obtain totally unexpected positive result. One thing is certain: electrostimulation was clinical trials and authorized by Ministry of health of the Russian Federation in outpatient and home.

When all the advantages of electrostimulation is one drawback - the ratio price and shelf life (70 hours). It turns out that re-use NPP The digestive tract can only favorites. Here I offer for the independent production and use of two simulator electrostimulation. Imitators copy the parameters of output of electrostimulation pulses and have the same effect. The fault simulator that it cannot be swallowed and pass through the entire gastrointestinal tract. Advantage is multiple use and advanced features (adjustable current impacts and the use of electro). Simulators can be applied oral and anal-vaginal that overlaps treatment is quite a large range of diseases.

Simulator, the scheme which is shown in figure 3, can be used as electro stimulator acupuncture points.

According instructions for use of electrostimulation has the following pulse parameters (Fig.1):


- pulse width - 4,8 - 7,2 MS;

- period of the pulse - 19,2-28,8 MS;

- the duration of the pulse packet - 304-456 MS;

- the period following the burst - 2,4-3,6 p

The simulator gives a similar value of the parameters (Fig.2):

- the pulse duration is 4 MS;

- period of the pulse 16 MS;

- the duration of the pulse packet - 500 MS;

- the period following the pulse packet - 4.

Diagram of the simulator is depicted in Fig. 3.

(click to enlarge)

Functionally, the scheme consists of three blocks: - master crystal oscillator on DD1, shaper pulses of given duration on chips DD2 - DD4 and the output stage transistor VT1, which define the pulse amplitude current in the range of 8 to 12 mA.

Generator assembled on a chip KIE according to the standard scheme of inclusion. Used one divider T1 with a division ratio of up to 32768. Output from the 11 pulses are removed with a period of about 1 MS, and the output from the 4 - pulses with a period 1s. These impulses arrive at the inputs 1 and 9, two different four-digit binary counters on the chip CIE. With the release of the third the discharge of the first counter (pin 5) removed the pulses of 4 MS duration. With pin 6 removed auxiliary pulses necessary for the formation of a predetermined duty cycle (4). With the release of the first and second bits of the second counter (wywod, 12) are removed auxiliary pulses necessary for the formation of duty cycle (8) of the pulse train. The duration of the pulse is determined pulse width at pin 4 (DD1), and 500 MS.

The pulses from outputs 5 and 6 of the counter DD2 summarized chetyrehochkovym logical element 4I-NOT chip CLA (DD3.1) and inverted element DD4.3 chip CLA. At pin 10 DD4.3 you can observe the pulse of filling with parameters given in Fig.2.

Similarly momentum, intended to fill, but with a duty cycle in two times more. The auxiliary pulses from the terminals 11, 12 of the counter DD2 and momentum that defines the duration of the period of the pulse, with the output 4 are summarized DD1 to DD3.2 and inverted DD4.4. Pulses fill with output 10 DD4.3 and the pulse packets with output 11 DD4.4 are formed on the element DD4.2,inverted DD4.1 and arrive at the base of the transistor VT1. On the base of the transistor pulses have the form shown in Fig.2 b.

The transistor included in the emitter repeater mode. The current probe shall not exceed 10 mA at a load equivalent to 100 Ohms. Current adjustment impact on subjective the sensations produced by the resistor R6. Output pulses are taken with a stereo nests GN.1, which performs the function of the switch voltage. When turned off plug the device are de-energized. The Pinout of the plug shown in figure 3. If the device use a simulator as electrostimulation, the Jack plug is inserted with the probe. If the device is used as acupuncture electrical stimulator, the socket is provided with the probe and the electrode. To switch methods of influence in the real acupuncture is the switch SA1. In the diagram, the switch is shown in the braking position (excitation, toning), and in a different position on the electrode will be continuous pulses, which corresponds to the sedation. In simulator mode electrostimulation switch SA1 should stand in the braking position.

HL1 led is used to monitor the device performance. The led is mounted on the housing so that its conclusions were located on the body at a distance of 3-4 mm from each other. When placing the probe or electrode to the pins of the led, it will glow with a period of 4 seconds. If one position the led is not lit, then you need to swap the side of the probe.>

The printed circuit Board is given in Fig. 4, and the arrangement of elements in Fig. 5. Board with components housed in a suitable plastic housing.

Establishing simulator is reduced to the selection of the capacitor C1 in the range 18 - 68 pF to the occurrence of stable generation and the appearance of pulses at the outputs 11, 4 DD1 chip. Typical operating circuit chip KIA requires the inclusion between pins 12 and 13 of the resistor 22 magoma, although the chip can be excited and with smaller values of resistor and without resistor). Because of high resistance the resistors are quite rare, on the circuit Board, this resistor is replaced by two R2,R3. This gives you the opportunity to put the two the resistor values of 3-5-10 megaohm. The selection of the resistor R2,R3 are also making sustainable generation chip. Almost the performance of the simulator test, taking the probe in lips or putting into language. Every 4 seconds you will feel a small tingling.

In the simulator used chip series 561 and 176. Possible replacement for 176 the series, but not all circuits of this series are in the low voltage power to 3 volts. The capacitor C1 is QMB, resistors - MLT - 0,125. Quartz RC-71 or>miniature, with watches at 32768 Hz. Resistor R6 type str. When adjusting the current impact you must follow the rule - less current, but most of the time.

Structurally, the probe is made in the form of capsules size 22x11 mm (Fig.6A).

The capsule consists of two hemispheres and a plastic bushing - insulator. Hemisphere made from stainless steel and is hollow inside. The author took, came in disrepair, the original capsule, removed the stuffing and made a hole with a diameter of 2 mm at the end of one of the hemispheres. Through the hole inside the hemispheres held two flexible wires, which are soldered to different hemispheres. The hole with the wires and the connection of the hemispheres with a plastic sleeve taped water-resistant glue. At independent manufacture of capsules of the hemisphere can not be hollow, several will weight device. Another tried and tested variant of the probe shown figure 6b. The probe is made of rings of stainless steel and filled with epoxy resin or silicone sealant. For oral use it is better to use the probe is in the form of a pill, shown in figure 6b. For it is made of electro the probe from the casing of a ballpoint pen and a neutral electrode. Instead of writing node handle is gold-plated or silver-plated contact from the connector. Gold plated contact acts on the acupuncture point stimulating, and silvered - soothingly. Neutral electrode is in the form of a ring for wearing on the finger or clip type of photographic tweezers. The neutral electrode is connected to the minus the food, although there are acupuncture points that require feedback [2].

Simulator use by the introduction of the probe orally, vaginally or anally. Oral capsule pokasyvajut in your mouth for relieving hangover, toothache or headache pain, treatment of stomatitis, parodontosis. It affects all organs through biologically active zone, which in the mouth very much. Biologically active areas of language shown in figure 7 [3].

Knowing your sores, probe it is desirable to keep closer to the corresponding zone. Time impact - at least 10 minutes. Vaginally or anally (suppository) for the treatment paresis, constipation, impotence, prostate, polyps in the uterus, frigidity, delays menstrual cycle, removal from the state of injury, the surgical intensive care unit hemorrhoids... Time - up to 8 hours.

Contraindications: pacemaker, pregnancy, and metal teeth. In the latter case it must be ensured that the capsule is not in contact with the metal.

As described simulator is within the body "tied-up" by means of wires, his free movement is impossible. Therefore have devised another stimulant for vaginal-anal use.

Stimulant is a probe and an electronic circuit which is designed in one unit.

Diagram of the stimulator is shown in figure 8.

Functionally, the scheme consists of two generators on the chip DD1, down counter on the chip DD2, the demultiplexer DD3,DD5, and trigger reverse DD4.

The frequency of the generator on the elements DD1.1-DD1.3 30-60 Hz. The frequency of the second generator on the elements DD1.4, DD1.5 is governed by the resistor and installed depending on personal feelings. The first oscillator pulses sequentially distributed to 16 outputs with a frequency of the second oscillator with the help of reverse counter DD2. When the counter count to 16, the carry output will pulse. Pulse from pin 7 of the counter D2 topple the trigger on the chip D4 and at pin 10 of the counter will change the level. The counter will begin to count down side. Thus, the pulses of the first generator will be consistently to pass from the first to the sixteenth release, and then from the 16th to the first. But this ideal. Practically the scheme considers to 17. I.e. after 16 is 1, and then reverse up to 16, etc., not to add elements, you can live with with the order invoice. Thus, the impact pulses are sequentially navigate a probe in both directions. And stimulation will be carried out across the cavity to the length of the probe.

The printed circuit Board of the electrical stimulator is given in figure 9, and the arrangement of elements figure 10.

The probe is a ring of stainless steel of a width of 2 mm (the diameter of the availability of materials, 8-12 mm, strung on a wooden frame or a plastic tube. Between each signal ring is "ground" ring. Only 33 of the ring. The distance between the rings - 1.5 mm. Thus, the length of the active part of the probe is $ 114 mm soldering the rings shown in figure 11.

The gap between the rings is filled automotive silicone sealant or epoxy resin. Of course, after the rings have been soldered wire (Wire you can take a winding type PAV.) and withdrawn through the recess in the mandrel or drilled in the tube hole at one end. At this end is attached to the mandrel with a screw or screw the fee.

The distance from the Board before the first ring should be at least 50 mm. This is because that the outer parts of the vagina and the anus more sensitive (saturated nervous endings) to the pulses than the inner. Therefore include stimulant need after complete introduction of the probe or when the maximum value of the resistor R6. On the other side of the PCB installed battery type 6F22 (Krone). The power switch SA1 imported miniature set on charge. The other end of the probe is done with a sealant (epoxy) on a cone to facilitate insertion. The variable resistors R2, R6 are soldered directly to the Board, although after the frequency instead of the resistor R2 can be supplied permanent a resistor of appropriate value. Charge with battery shrink wrapped fiberglass (or a thin sheet of fiberglass) and all are filled with sealant. The sealant off by a hand moistened with oil or water, immediately after application. By the way, silicone sealant after curing (10-30 min.) must be to the touch like a rubber otherwise it is fake. The battery compartment is sealed with cellophane. Schematic General view of the stimulator shown in figure 12.

If you use the best stimulant effect gives a small shake of the probe to to obtain the most favorable feelings. This seek and rotation engine resistor sensitivity R6. Basic rule: any discomfort. In the treatment of hemorrhoids or colitis need to ensure that the impact was minimal. Anal introduction should to make a small enema. The probe is lubricated with any vegetable oil.

After the session, the probe should be rinsed with warm water with soap and brush.


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