Dowsing is known as an ancient method of determining groundwater, mining and oil fields with the help of vines or so-called dowsing. There is a hypothesis of the mechanism of this phenomenon, according to which the current water ore deposits alter the electric field in the earth formation and thus affect hybrid "receiver" - the man with the vine in her hand.

The described electronic device is a sensitive indicator responsive to an electric field which can be enhanced by thus determining the occurrence of groundwater or the presence of concealed wiring in walls of buildings.

The device is manufactured on the basis of two operational amplifiers and three electronic switches powered by dual supplies. To the output of the first amplifier, which is included as a voltage follower with high input impedance, connected telescopic antenna. Its potential with respect to ground depends on the parameters of the electric field. "Caught" antenna positive and negative charges alter the voltage at the output of the first amplifier, through which the switch SW1 is input to the second amplifier with adjustable gain.

Two other key K2 and KZ - act in time with the frequency that generates the multivibrator integrated timer DA2. The key circuit connected to the antenna, is connected with the potentiometer R6, the voltage at the compensator NW and the control key output is approximately equal to the algebraic sum of the antenna voltage and which is set by potentiometer R6. On the other hand, the sensitivity of the first amplifier regarding the antenna depends on the frequency with which the capacitance C2 is discharged through the switch circuit.

Electronic biolector

The frequency of the multivibrator can be changed by potentiometer R1 and the switch S2 thus regulating in a large extent the sensitivity of the device. The overall sensitivity of electronic biolokatora increases or closed position of the switch S2.

Instead, marked on the amplifier circuit DA1.1 and DA1.2 you can use any about operational amplifiers low input current. From domestic chip suitable operational amplifiers COD, K140UD13, K140UD18, K140UD22, K544UD1. The most convenient in this circuit dual operational amplifier type CUA,B. However, when replacing amplifiers it is necessary to apply appropriate correction circuit, and change the power scheme.

Integrated circuits DD1 (4066) comprises four analog switches, three of which are used in the scheme. From domestic chip to replace the most suitable bidirectional switches type KRKS. Instead of the integral timer DD2(7555) you can use domestic analogue K1006VI1. The measuring head is designed for a current of 50 to 500 mA. Diodes VD1, VD2 - any germanium.


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Author: The Method Of CACAM; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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