Recently the wide circulation was received acupuncture. But the specific location of the active points are difficult to define even in an Atlas, as on the skin surface point has a size of about 1 sq. mm.

Node find active points made on three transistors VT1 VT3...and светодиодеVD1. The principle of search terms based on the fact that the resistance of the skin over the active point is several times lower than the mean resistance of human skin. The search schema is an amplifier-comparator. When hit by the electrode in the active point the led turns on and felt a faint tingling. Switch S1 changes the polarity of the impact on the current point, to which the nerve channel is inhibited or excited. Switch S2 connects the pulse generator of low frequency, is made on the chip DD1.

A device for reflexology

The device has dimensions of tooth brush case with a search electrode in the form of a curved needle with a diameter of 1 mm. the Second electrode ("weight") is cut from the telescopic antenna and connects to the device via a wire length of about one meter. When you search for active points this electrode is clamped in the hand. The switches S1, S2 are made of paired switches. On the instrument housing are mounted two handle variable resistors: R2 - "current exposure" and R8 - frequency effects", with graduated scale. As the power supply used battery "Krona". To check the device in the "search" mode, get the maximum current impacts and short-circuit the electrode.. With the led should go on.

Below is a list of books on reflexology.

The device to be used without a doctor's advice is recommended.


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