Posting description "Chizhevsky" in "Radio", 1997, No. 1, pp. 36, 37, the editors foresaw that the readers who decided to build this design, you may have questions. Therefore, for emergency responses to them was given the editorial room phone (207-88-18). And since then the phone keeps ringing - calling from different parts of Russia to consult with the author (by the way, sometimes it's easier to use another phone - (095) 433-91-34).

Below readers can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. In the press flashed publications about the alleged inefficiency "Chizhevsky". How to treat them?

In "Komsomolskaya Pravda" dated February 20, 1997 (the"consumer Club" No. 43) Peter Specimens published an article "Chizhevsky's Chandelier. Cure will not cure, but the dust will smear on the walls", as in "Izvestia" on March 1, 1997, the unknown author answered the phone reader's notes "do Not breathe "chandelier" luster".

The whole world knows that Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky for his brilliant discoveries were defamed a lifetime. He was arrested, but continued to work even in prison. When he was informed about his release, a scientist was asked to "sit" for three more months to finish his nearly decade-long labor. Merits A. L. Chizhevsky to humanity are great. They were officially recognized as authoritative by the Commission and published in the magazine "Party life" № 6, 1965

It's a pity that the authors of the aforementioned articles simply illiterate in matters that they tried to "critically" to illuminate and in the process, wittingly or unwittingly, to defame the name of Alexander Leonidovich. They obviously never in the hands not holding a unique monograph Chizhevsky "air ionification in the national economy," a volume of 760 pages. Otherwise I would not have attributed to him the invention are listed in the articles "shortcomings". At least because in their articles speak about the development, produced by the Moscow plant "Diode", which has nothing to do with "Chizhevsky Chandelier" has not, and therefore cannot be called so. By the way, this name can be found in brochures development of other enterprises of Russia.

"Chizhevsky chandelier" (real, not fake) - preventive device, improving the environment and generating necessary for the life of the body with negative air ions. At the same time "chandelier" creates crisp air, can alleviate the suffering netomahuga person, and sometimes even rid him of the disease. In the above-mentioned monograph by A. L. Chizhevsky detail describes the practical effects of the device on pulmonary tuberculosis, hypertension, bronchial asthma, rheumatism, colds and other diseases. No wonder appeared recommendations for use of this device and took measures for its implementation in industrial production.

2. What other than those specified in the description, flyback transformer can be used in design?

In principle, any such transformer or ignition coil from the vehicle. But we must bear in mind that the ratio of turns of the primary and secondary windings are different and it may happen that the DC voltage delivered to the "chandelier", is not enough. The solution is to increase the number of voltage multiplier stages.

3. Can I use TV a voltage multiplier, say, UNIVERSITY of 8.5/25?

Directly to use such a multiplier because it is designed to receive a positive voltage feeding the anode of the kinescope. But if a multiplier to include "Vice versa", it will be possible to obtain at its output a negative voltage. In the "Radio" you will learn about this.

4. How to check SCR and correctly connect it?

The range of current through the control electrode, necessary for opening of SCR, wide. So meet triacs, especially series KU who "don't want" to work in this design. Almost to determine that SCR is not difficult with avometra operating in the mode of the ohmmeter on the range "x1". To the pins of the cathode and the control electrode is applied to the probes of an ohmmeter in one and in the other polarity. If the difference between the measured resistance is small, as very little resistance (20 Ohms or less), this SCR to put risky. The most reliably operate the triacs with a resistivity of 30 to 40 Ohms in one polarity of the probes of the Ohm meter and 70...100 Ohms in the other.

To distinguish between the findings of the SCR is simple: the body (the threaded portion) of the anode, higher thin terminal is the cathode, and low control electrode.

5. What can replace the ring "hula-Hoop"?

Instead of a ring you can use the rim bent thick (3-5 mm) copper or other metal wire. But at observance of the specified in the drawing diameter.

6. Is it possible to change the configuration elektroefflyuvialnaya chandeliers, making it, for example, square or pulling the wire mesh without any deflection on the rim of the small diameter?

All attempts to depart from the recommended A. L. cizewski construction, as shown, reduce the effectiveness of the "chandeliers", occurrence of ozone and nitrogen oxides. You have to get rid of harmful chemical entities decrease in the supply of high voltage that, in turn, leads to the development of "dead" air ions, are not able to reach the lungs, and thus "charging" the blood. In the end, "chandelier" is converted into an electric air cleaner. Moreover, the modified structure can not be called "Chizhevsky Chandelier" because the scientist is never such designs are not done, not tested and not recommended for production.

7. What is the mechanism of effects on the body "Chizhevsky"?

As believed and proved Chizhevsky, strict structure moving through the body blood is ensured due to the negative charge of red blood cells, whose main function is participation in the exchange. They absorb oxygen in the lungs, transported and give it to the cells, tissues, organs. If, however, at the molecular and atomic oxygen to work with electricity, it turns out the oxygen carrying a negative charge. Breathe freer then, and ailments disappear, because the red blood cells stuck in the lungs and carry it to the cells of the body necessary for life negatively charged oxygen ions.

If you look at it from the point of view of modern medical science, all diseases have different reasons, but overall they have the disease. It all starts with the loss of a negative charge in a weakened by illness or injury.

For example, a fracture. Breaks not only bone, but also an orderly structure of life a portion of the body. Begins dystrophy - a violation of nutrition bone chaos in flows through the blood vessels. Decreases the susceptibility of the diseased tissues to the electrons. Hypoxia - oxygen starvation. Bone calcium excreted. Freed from compounds, it collapses all around: it coagulates tissue bone, muscle, blood.

And it's not thrombosis, as many believe. Coming to blood products coagulation split your blood thicker and liquid parts with simultaneous blockage of blood vessels clots. As paradoxical as it sounds - bleeding from thickening, which originates in a diseased cell of an organism that has lost a negative charge. Further affects everything around it. This so-called thrombohemorrhagic syndrome (TGS), pure Russian discovery.

Our body, every cell, produces breathing positive charge is harmful, or, as Chizhevsky, "the garbage can of the body". That's why it's hard to breathe in crowded public transport, the cinema, the library, the classroom. We just poison each other. And even the air conditioning in this case is not helpful because it only cools the air. To return the same to its life-giving oxygen a negative charge can only aeroionizator - "Chizhevsky Chandelier".

Author: Ivanov, Moscow; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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