"Chizhevsky Chandelier" in recent years a lot in Newspapers, broadcast on the radio mention on television. Moreover, it has been covered in the reports of the International conference on "Conversion: a socio-ecological and economic aspects", held at the Russian Academy of state service under the President of the Russian Federation in April of last year. About the unique invention of our ingenious countryman of Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky, the centenary of whose birth is celebrated in February this year, independent manufacture of "chandelier" at home and the rules of its operation are described in the article. Any advice in the process of production and operation of the facility can be obtained by phone: (095) 207-72-54, 207-88-18.

Most of us pays a lot of attention to what we eat and drink, which are a way of life, and at the same time completely negligible interest shown in what we breathe.

"Having built himself a house," said Professor A. L. Chizhevsky, a man has deprived himself of a normal ionized air, he perverted the natural environment and came into conflict with the nature of the organism" [1].

In fact, many electrometric measurements showed that the air of forests and meadows contains from 700 to 1500, sometimes up to 15 000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. The more ions contained in the air, so it is useful. In residential premises, the number drops to 25 ... in cubic centimeters. Such amount is barely enough to sustain the process of life. In turn, this contributes to fatigue, ailments and even diseases. Increase saturation of the air with negative ions using a special device aeroionizatora. In the 20-ies of Professor A. L. cizewski was developed by the principle of artificial air ionization and created the first design, which was later called "Chizhevsky Chandelier". For many decades aeroionotherapy Chizhevsky fully verified in laboratories, medical institutions, schools and kindergartens, at home and showed high efficiency of ionization as a preventive and therapeutic agent.

Since 1963, after meeting with L. A. cizewski, the author of these lines is engaged in the implementation of aeroionifikatsii in life, because the scientist believed that aeroionizator must log in to our home as well as gas, water and electric light. Due to the active promotion of aeroionifikatsii today "Chizhevsky" are made by some companies. Unfortunately, the high cost does not allow them at times to purchase such devices for the home. Not accidentally, many hams dream to build aeroionizator their own. So the story will be about the simplest device design, assemble that even a novice ham radio operator.

Key components of aeroionizatora - elektroefflyuvialnaya "chandelier" and the voltage Converter. Elektroefflyuvialnaya "chandelier" (Fig. 1) is the generator of negative ions. "Effluvia" in Greek means "after". This expression describes the working process of formation of ions: with pointed parts of "chandelier" at high speed (due to high voltage), electrons flow down, which then "stick" on oxygen molecules. The air ions also gain more speed. The latter determines the durability of the ions.

From design "chandeliers" depends largely on the efficiency of aeroionizatora. Therefore, to manufacture it should be treated with special attention.

The basis of the "chandeliers" - light metal rim (for example, standard gymnastic ring "hula-Hoop") diameter 750... 1000 mm, which pull on perpendicular axes with a step 35...45 mm bare or tinned copper wire with a diameter of 0.6...1.0 mm. They form part of the sphere grid, sagging down. The grid-soldered needles with a length not exceeding 50 mm and a thickness of 0.25...0.5 mm. Preferably they have a maximum sharpened, since the current flowing from the tip increases, and the possibility of formation of harmful side product of ozone decreases. It is convenient to use pins with a ring, which are usually sold in shops, stationery (pin, all-metal single rod type 1-30-the so-called products Kuntsevskaya needle-sinker of the plant).

Chizhevsky chandelier - with their hands
Fig. 1

To the rim "chandelier" through 120° attached three copper wires with a diameter of 0,8...1 mm, which is soldered together above the center of the rim. To this point supplied with high voltage. At this point, "chandelier" is attached with fishing line with a diameter of 0.5...0.8 mm from the ceiling or bracket at a distance of not less than 150 mm.

A voltage Converter is required to produce a high voltage of negative polarity, the supply of "chandelier". The absolute value of the voltage should be not less than 25 kV. Only when this voltage is sufficient vitality ions to ensure their penetration into human lungs.

For the room type classroom or school gym is the optimal voltage 40...50 kV. To get a different voltage is easy, increasing the number of multiplier stages, but overly carried away with high voltage should not be, because there appears the risk of corona discharge, followed by the smell of ozone and a sharp decrease in the efficiency of the installation.

Diagram of a simple voltage Converter, the past literally twenty years tested for repeatability [2], is shown in Fig. 2,and. Feature of it is directly plugged in.

Fig. 2

Device works well. During the positive half cycle of the mains voltage through resistor R1, diode VD1 and the primary winding of the transformer T1 charges the capacitor C1. SCR VS1 when this is closed because of otsutstvuet the current through its control electrode (the voltage drop across the diode VD2 in the forward direction is small compared to the voltage required to open the SC R).

When the negative half cycle diodes VD1 and VD2 are closed. The cathode of the SCR is formed the voltage drop relative to the gate electrode (negative on the cathode, plus the control electrode), in the circuit of the control electrode current appears and SCR opens. At this point, the capacitor C1 discharges through the primary winding of the transformer. In the secondary winding receives the impulse of high voltage (boosting transformer). And so - each period of the mains voltage.

The high voltage pulses (they are bilateral, since the discharge of the capacitor in the circuit of the primary winding of the damped oscillations occur) straightened rectifier is assembled according to the scheme of multiplying the voltage across the diodes VD3-VD6. The DC voltage output from the rectifier is fed (through a current limiting resistor R3) to electroepilation "chandelier".

The resistor R1 may be composed of three parallel-connected MLT-2 resistance 3 kω, a R3 - three-four series-connected MLT-2 a total resistance of 10...20 MW. Resistor R2 - MLT-2. Diodes VD1 and VD2 - on any other current of 300 mA and a reverse voltage of not lower than 400 V (VD1) and 100 In (VD2). Diodes VD3 - VD6 can be also indicated in the diagram, CCG-CCA. Capacitor C1 - MBM for a voltage below 250V, C2 - C5 - WOPS a voltage lower than 10 kV (C2 - not below 15 kV). Of course, applicable to other high voltage capacitors for voltage of 15 kV or more. SCR VS1 - KUK, CUL, COK-KUN. Transformer T1 is the B2B ignition coil (6 In) from the bike, but you can use another, such as from the car.

Very attractive application in aeroionizatore television horizontal sweep transformer FA-L, the output 3 which is connected to the capacitor C1, pins 2 and 4 with "common" wire (the control electrode of SCR and other details), and high - voltage wire with a capacitor NW and diode VD3 (Fig. 2,6). In this embodiment, as shown, it is desirable to use high voltage diodes HEAT or CCG and other diodes with a reverse voltage of at least 8 kV.

Mount details aeroionizatora in the case of appropriate dimensions so that between the high-voltage terminals of the diodes and capacitors was sufficient distance (Fig. 3). Even better after installation to cover these findings with molten paraffin wax - this will prevent the occurrence of corona discharge and ozone smell.

Aeroionizator does not need to establish and begins to work immediately after inclusion in the network. To change the DC voltage at the output of aeroionizatora by selecting a resistor R1 or

capacitor C1. For some instances of triacs sometimes you need to find the resistor R2 at the moment of opening of SCR at minimum mains voltage.

How to ensure the normal operation of aeroionizatora? The simple indicator - Vata. A small piece is attracted to her "chandelier" from a distance of 50...60 cm Holding (carefully!) the arm to the tips of needles at a distance of 7 to 10 cm feel the chill - e-breeze - "effluvia". This will indicate the serviceability of aeroionizatora. But for a more convincing it is advisable to check its output voltage static voltmeter - it should be at least 25 kV (for household "Chizhevsky Chandelier" recommended voltage of 30...35 kV). If there is no necessary measuring device, you can use the simplest way to identify high voltage. In the U-shaped plate made of organic glass are drilled in the centers of the legs of the hole, cut an M4 thread and screw the screws with pointed ends heads outside. Connecting one screw to the output terminal of aeroionizatora and the other to GND, changing the distance between the screws (of course, when unplugged from the network device) so that between their ends began intense glow or overshoot breakdown spark. The distance in millimeters between the ends of the screws can be considered as the value of the high voltage aeroionizatora in kilovolts.

When aeroionizatora there should be no odors. It was very specific Professor A. L. Chizhevsky. Smells is a sign of harmful gases (ozone or oxides of nitrogen), which should not occur in normal working (properly designed) "chandeliers". When they appear again to inspect the installation and connection of the Converter to the "chandelier".

Safety. Aeroionizator - high-voltage system, so that during its establishment and operation shall be observed precautions. High voltage itself is not dangerous. Crucial SIPA current. As you know, life-threatening over current 0.03 A (30mA), especially if it flows through the region of the heart (left hand - right hand). In our aeroionizatore maximum current is hundreds of times less than acceptable. But this does not mean that touching the high voltage parts of the installation safely - you will receive tangible and unpleasant injection spark discharge the capacitors of the multiplier. Therefore, when any resoldering parts or wires in the design turn it off from the network and connect the high voltage wire of the multiplier on a grounded (connected to GND) output winding II (lower scheme).

About sessions ionization

When the session should be no closer than 1 ...1.5 m from the "chandelier". A sufficient length of the daily session in a normal room 30...50 min. a Particularly beneficial influence sessions before bedtime.

Remember that aeroionizator does not preclude ventilation - aeroionotherapy should be complete (i.e. normal percentage of) the air. Indoors with poor ventilation aeroionizator need to turn on periodically throughout the day at certain intervals of time. The electric field of aeroionizatora cleans the air from dust.

Of course, the design of the voltage Converter is not only designed for repetition in Amateur or industrial environment. There are many other devices, each of them is determined depending on parts availability. Any design that provides an output DC voltage of not less than 25 kV. Must remember that all designers attempting to create and implement aeroionotherapy with low-voltage (up to 5 kV!) nutrition. The benefits of such devices was not and could not be [1]. A fairly high concentration of ions they create (measuring instruments is fixed), but air ions "stillborn", not able to reach the human lung. However, the air is cleaned from dust, but this is not enough for the sustenance of the human body.

There is no need to modify and design "chandeliers" - deviations from suggested by Professor A. L. cizewski design can lead to odors, production of various oxides, which ultimately will reduce the effectiveness of aeroionizatora. And to call a different design "Chizhevsky Chandelier" anymore, because a scientist of such devices is not developed and is not recommended. And the great profanation of the invention is unacceptable.


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  • Author: Ivanov, Moscow; Publication: N. Bolshakov, rf.atnn.ru

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