In some cases, when such serious diseases as cancer of the larynx, to prevent the development of disease in the patient is possible, only surgically removing the larynx. The loss of the vocal cords causes the patient loses the ability to speak. To facilitate the patient in this case, the use of "artificial larynx".

Artificial larynx

One of the structures of such "artificial larynx", produced Italian company Ticchioni, shown schematically in Fig. 1. The bass generator produces electrical oscillations, which are transmitted through the wires to the vibrator 2 with membrane 3, mounted in the housing 1 and is similar to conventional Smoking pipe. The inclusion of the generator by pressing the button 4 arranged on the side of the tube. Thus, the vibrator by pressing the button performs the functions of the lost vocal cords.

Sound vibrations through the channel of the tube will be fed into the cavity, where they are using their vocal chords - the tongue, lips, etc. - modulated, and become sufficiently clear speech. It can further be augmented with an additional amplifier with loudspeaker.

The small size of the case, which houses the electronic part of the larynx together with the power source, allow you to carry it in your pocket. According to the report, construction of artificial larynx firm Ticchioni was the most successful both in terms of exterior design, and in terms of the naturalness of the voice of the patient. "Radio-Electronics, June, 1959


  • Radio No. 10, 1957., S. 61

  • Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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