In the process of designing ham radio equipment often need in the quartz oscillator at one or more frequencies. Scheme of one of these generators at three frequencies shown in the figure. He performed on four elements "2I-NOT". If an alarm in it at the same time there are only two logical elements: D1.4 (constantly) and D1.1 (or D1.2, and D1.3, depending on the position of the switch S1). Resistors R1-R4 provide linear amplification regime element "2I-NOT". At the output of the element D1.4 - rectangular pulses, the amplitude of which is about 3 V.

Crystal oscillator

To obtain a sinusoidal voltage of the Torah C4 - C6 are used to adjust the frequency of oscillation, and resistors R5 - R7 - for installation and alignment between the amplitudes of input voltages.

This generator the authors used in the shaper SSB in CW signals when creating the transceiver based on radio R-250M2. It can be used at other frequencies, using resonators with a resonant frequency of 75 3000... kHz. Moreover, the quartz may have a low q-factor.

When installing the generator resistors R1-R3 should be placed as close as possible to the corresponding pins of the chip.

Authors: G. Gulyaev (UA4HLK ex UY5XS), G. Chliyants (UY5XE) , Kuibyshev - Lviv; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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