Scheme bug, which does not require the transmitting antenna:

The bug, not needing the transmitting antenna

The bug is in the antenna does not need, because the phone antenna is a pair. To increase range I advise you to put instead KT3102 - PB, but in this case you need to reverse the polarity of the power wires. Coil L1 is frameless, with an internal diameter of 6mm, contains 5 turns (for УSW), for FM - 4 turns of wire sew - 0,7...0,9 mm. tuning is achieved by changing the capacitance of trimmer capacitor, as well as by compression or stretching of the turns of the coil L1 to receive the signal free from broadcasting stations site УSW (FM) band of the broadcast receiver. Range when P is $ 250-300m line of sight, and when KT3102 200-250m.

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